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Nightclub proprietors are poised for prosperity?

Published: 01/09/2023

This week, the nightlife scene is alive with the sound of money stacking up in your club's safe. By catering to your establishment's guests' desires, you can earn double rewards for sales tasks, triple your daily income, and enhance your nightclub's popularity through effective nightclub management. Plus, if you haven't yet explored Los Santos' vibrant nightlife, take advantage of these special offers: nightclubs and all their upgrades are currently 40% off.

Under your guidance, your nightclub can become not only a legitimate entertainment venue but also the epicenter of your underground operations, thanks to an expandable basement warehouse. Utilize the Career Progress Tool on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S to track your criminal empire's progress and earn additional rewards. Establish your nightclub, complete nightclub management missions, and even dance for five minutes on your dance floor to conquer the Level 1 challenge and receive the Maisonette cap as a reward.

Double Your GTA$ and RP for Nightclub Sales Missions: Once your staff and technicians amass enough merchandise, initiate Nightclub Sales Missions to enjoy double rewards through September 6th.

Double Popularity Points and Triple Daily Income: Los Santos' nightlife hospitality is renowned. To fit in, promote your nightclub, attract influential clients, and boost your establishment's cultural influence through nightclub management missions, now granting double popularity points. Building your club's reputation pays off this week with triple daily income deposited into your safe. Just remember to empty it when it's full!

Unlock the Vapid Clique Wagon's Flames Skin: To thrive this week, complete both the Nightclub Management Mission and the Merchandising Mission, and you'll receive the Vapid Clique Wagon Flame Tongues skin as a reward (delivered within 10 days of completing the promotion).

Uncork a Bottle of Champagne for a Blêuter'd T-shirt: Celebrate your achievements and profits by purchasing and opening a bottle of champagne, earning yourself a Blêuter'd T-shirt as a keepsake.

Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealership: According to online reviews, Simon Etarian's Premium Deluxe Motorsport car dealership is the heart of the local automotive community.

This week, his collection includes a wide variety of vehicles, from classic powerhouses to efficient models:

- Weeny Issi Sport (sports car)

- Übermacht Zion Classic (classic sports car, 50% off)

- Lampadati Viseris (classic sports car)

- Declasse Tulip (muscle car, 40% off)

- Declasse Lifeguard (Emergency, 40% off)

Luxury Autos Dealership: Passing by Rockford Hills before your therapy session? Swing by the Luxury Autos window to check out this week's new arrivals: the Declasse Scramjet (Supercar, 30% off) and the Pegassi Tezeract (Supercar, 40% off). Experience the therapeutic power of shopping and drive home your favorite model right away.

Double GTA$, RP & Arena Points for the Arena Battle Series: Join post-apocalyptic gladiators in action-packed battles within trap-filled arenas. Participate in the Arena Battle series this week to receive double rewards.

Double GTA$ & RP for Swap (Remix) Mode: Take the original Swap Mode concept to the extreme in Swap (Remix) Mode. Play as a Juggernaut or Beast, wielding heavy armor, thermal vision, and formidable weaponry. Until September 6, all participants earn double GTA$ and RP.

Cayo Perico Assault Payout Update: The GTA$ payout system for the Cayo Perico Assault has been rebalanced this week to ensure a fairer distribution of loot across the island, benefiting both attacking and defending teams, especially in high-volume matches.

Weekly Prize and Premium Vehicles: Test your luck at the Diamond Casino Hotel's Wheel of Fortune for a chance to win the Benefactor Schlagen GT (sports car). To test a vehicle before making a purchase, visit the LS Auto Club test track and arrange a free test drive for the Vapid GB200 (sports car), Grotti Visione (supercar), and Grotti Brioso 300 (compact). And for players who finish among the top 4 in the LS Auto Club Series for two consecutive days, a brand new Pegassi Infernus (supercar) is yours to drive home.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S Exclusive: Premium Test Vehicle and HSW Time Trial: Hao has selected the Declasse Vigero ZX (muscle car) as the premium test vehicle for the week. Try it on the test track or purchase it directly. Additionally, hop into an eligible car and set a new personal best in the HSW time trial, running from Textile City to Stab City this time around.

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